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Thank you for your help in identifying Warriors we can honor through the naming of Warrior Canine Connection's future Service Dogs in Training. Each of our dogs is destined for a lifetime of service in support of recovering Veterans and their family members.

Beginning in 2013 with the naming of service dog in training "Lundy" for Navy Corpsman HM3 (FMF) Brian K. Lundy, Jr., who was killed in action in Afghanistan on September 9, 2011, WCC has been honoring fallen and inspiring Service Members and Veterans by giving their names to Golden and Labrador Retriever puppies entering our program.

Through this tradition, we have recognized Veterans who have served from World War II to recent conflicts. Some lost their lives in battle, others were wounded in action, but all have made profound contributions to our country.

As Service Dogs in Training, each dog will bring awareness to the inspiring service of their namesake while helping to heal the invisible wounds of recovering Warriors. When the dogs are placed, special bonds will also be created between the Veteran service dog recipients and the Warriors their canine partners were named to honor.

As part of our nomination process, we ask that those suggesting a name provide information about the Service Member or Veteran they wish to honor, along with a photograph. If the name is selected for a WCC puppy, this information will be shared at the time of the announcement.   

While not every dog in training will graduate as a service dog, every single dog in the program will touch the lives of countless Veterans through their participation in WCC’s therapeutic training activities and programs. In cases where dogs choose a career other than that of a service dog, every effort is made for placement with a deserving Veteran or Military Family.  ***PLEASE NOTE: There is currently an approximate 2+ year wait for any MALE name nominations.***


When possible please provide the narrative for the announcement, for guidance please view the example here, we will also reach out to confirm and gain approval for any information and edits. It is critical that permission be granted by the nominee or by family members of anyone nominated for this honor. 

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Please provide the name and contact information for the nominee or a family member who can be contacted to confirm permission to name a Warrior Canine Connection Service Dog in Training after the nominated Service Member or Veteran:

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