Community Event Proposal

Warrior Canine Connection (WCC) is deeply appreciative of the time and effort it takes to host an event that will raise awareness for our organization.

If you wish to host an event, please complete, sign, and submit the Community Event Proposal Form, along with a signed copy of our Guidelines.

The WCC Event Committee will promptly review your proposal and you will be contacted by someone in our organization.

If you have any questions about hosting an event, event guidelines, or about the Community Event Form, please contact us at:

Thank you for considering Warrior Canine Connection as the beneficiary of your event. Your effort and support will help us continue our mission of serving those who preserve our freedom.

Event Organizer Contact Information

Alternative Contact (if applicable)

Event Guidelines
• Community Events must be approved by Warrior Canine Connection (WCC). This is an important safeguard to preserving the integrity of the WCC name and our commitment to fulfill our mission in a cost-efficient and effective manner.

• Warrior Canine Connection is a family-focused organization. We therefore encourage events that are appropriate for all ages.

• We will review your plan and do our best to contact you within approximately seven (7) business days.

• The Event Organizer is responsible for all details of the event, including:
  1.     All event-related costs
  2.     Recruiting volunteers to help at the event
  3.     Creation and distribution of promotional material to publicize the event

• All promotional material for a Community Event that includes the WCC name or logo – including but not limited to advertising, press releases, flyers, posters, promotional items and public service announcements – must be approved in advance by a representative of WCC.

• For Fundraising Events, WCC is the beneficiary, not the sponsor or partner. Any promotional materials produced by the organizer of an event that include the WCC name or logo should use the phrase "to benefit Warrior Canine Connection."

• Please note that WCC is not sponsored by the U.S. government and cannot be promoted as such.

• WCC does not accept or assume any responsibility or liability for any circumstance arising from the event.

• The Event Organizer is responsible for obtaining all necessary permits. Please check with local and state authorities to determine if there are any unique requirements for your event.

• The Event Organizer retains full responsibility for the design and implementation of the event, including safety precautions. It is recommended that the event organizer obtain appropriate insurance coverage for accidents or other unexpected negative circumstances.

• Warrior Canine Connection does not advance monies nor does it solicit revenues for events conducted by third parties or Community Events organizers.

• Event Organizers cannot open a checking account that includes WCC as the account holder.

• In order for WCC to continue to maintain low overhead, revenue, and expenses from Community Events may not flow through Warrior Canine Connection. All bills and other costs are the responsibility of the individual, business or organization sponsoring the event.

• Warrior Canine Connection reserves the right to inspect all event financial records.

• For Fundraising Events, please ensure that donation checks are addressed to Warrior Canine Connection and the event name is noted in the memo portion of the check.

• Warrior Canine Connection can only provide tax receipts for donations to the donor/name and address of the account (checking) on which it is drawn. In the event that cash is collected at an event, the funds should be exchanged for a cashier’s check and a list of names, addresses, and amount donated must be provided in order for donors to receive tax receipts.
By typing your name in the digital signature, you acknowledge and agree with the following:
I/We have read these Warrior Canine Connection Community Event Guidelines and

I/We agree to adhere to these guidelines in planning an implementing our event.

I/We understand the guidelines are not comprehensive and that all decisions, including safety precautions, remain my/our full responsibility. I/we understand Warrior Canine Connection does not accept any liability or responsibility associated with the event.